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1DM+ Pro APK

1DM+ – Browser & Downloader v15.5


The fastest download manager for Android is 1DM+ [previously IDM+]: Video, Torrent Downloader Final Pro MOD Unlocked AdFree APK for Android Phones and Tablets.

DeveloperVicky Bonick
Size97 MB
License TypePro Version

Free Download: PDF Extra Premium

Overview of 1DM+ Pro Apk

The fastest download manager for Android is this one. It can be up to 500% quicker than a typical download.

Try adding this 1DM to your phone if you’re looking for a strong downloader. It supports Torrent downloads and is the quickest and most sophisticated download manager currently on the market. You may download films, audio, or browsers up to 500% faster with the aid of this program, and it will also stop background services from operating to extend battery life. The videos can either be converted to mp4 format or downloaded in HD quality to your phone.

Users of this paid edition can find the installation choices they desire and edit the settings by using the Search Settings menu option on the main screen of the Browser, Video, Audio, and Torrent Downloader. The application’s first enhancement prevents users from being irritated by blocking online advertisements. The application has also supported a variety of ad-blocking filter sources to better remove advertising and improve user experience.

To make it simpler and easier for users to download their documents, the application also enables downloading Mega files and folders. You can examine the application’s URL to get more information about the installation procedures before performing an advanced installation of browsers.

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Features of 1DM+ Pro APK

  • Free added
  • concepts of Light and Dark
  • Direct SD card download (except on Android 4.4)
  • the ability to pause and resume with compatible links
  • To save time, select “Pause all,” “Start all,” or “Remove all.”
  • Support for infinite retries and custom delay
  • Even if the app is closed, downloads continue.
  • Support for WiFi-only downloads
  • Intelligent error handling prevents data loss
  • To schedule your downloads, use a download scheduler.
  • Download URLs imported from a text file
  • link exports for download
  • Download the link imported from the clipboard
  • Files downloaded, opened, and shared
  • Longer notifications that include download status (Combined as well as individual)
  • supports vibrating and playing a sound when the download is finished
  • and supports all file types, including documents, applications, music, video, and archive files.
  • support a variety of online browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and the Android default browser.
  • Files should be sorted by name, size, and date, then categorized by kind and time.


Ads have been disabled in the browser, video, audio, and torrent downloader as previously announced. Users can download torrent files more quickly and easily by using a foot link, a torrent URL, or a torrent file on their device. Additionally, users can install light and dark application themes in accordance with their preferences. Chinese, Czech, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and many other languages are among those supported by the app.


You must register a username before using Browser, Video, Audio, and Torrent Downloader on your phone, and the program will save your password for automatic login. In order to preserve the security of your account, the movies and audio you download from websites will also be password-protected. With the help of the application’s support links, you can pause and resume when you want if the browser hasn’t fully loaded but you’re busy working.


The application includes sophisticated functionality for users in addition to the aforementioned fundamental functions. The download speed is still quick even with the 30-download limit. Users can use proxies to download several parts simultaneously and up to 32 parts concurrently per download. To modify the download speed to your preference, the app’s download speed can also be restricted with a speed limiter. Using the downloadable browsers, you can reload expired links.

Web browser built-in with multiple tab capability, history, and bookmarks for reviewing and saving downloaded links. The software also includes automatic video links from your favorite websites for downloading files and anonymous browsing for everyone. Users need to use the Internet and a large memory to store the program in order to access and download it.

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