About us

ActivatorPro aims to make it easier to access files for the most recent releases by constantly evolving and trying to keep up with the times by providing a friendly interface that allows users to search for files more easily and in a more organized manner. ActivatorPro is not a file hosting service and does not host any contents or files; instead, we provide only indexes to previously published files on the internet, much like most search engines do.

We are proud of our welcoming team and moderators; we have created a virtual family of people who contribute to the site. We are delighted to have all of these wonderful people on board, and with their help and contributions, the site will hopefully continue to work and entertain indefinitely.

The main goal is to provide everyone with the most convenient and user-friendly Activatorpro interface for finding and downloading files in a much safer manner. We are still developing the site in order to make the best of what is possible in order to set a new standard among other sites. Finally, a heartfelt thank you to our welcoming community, which inspires and encourages us to do what we do.