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Adguard – Blocks Ads v4.0.79


Adguard Premium APK (MOD Unlocked) is a customizable ad-blocking app for Samsung and Yandex Browser.

Size42 MB
License TypePremium Version

Overview of Adguard Premium APK

With over ten million downloads, Adguard is one of the best free ad blockers for Yandex Browser and Samsung. It disables all advertisements in the Samsung and Yandex browsers. It specializes in them and offers a variety of unique filters.

Ads also take up a significant portion of your browsing time, and if you click on them by accident, they will open in a new tab. It also depletes your battery and data. Some advertisements are frequently dangerous and install malware on your phone.

As a result, it promotes safe browsing while also protecting privacy. It has over twenty Adblock lists with various types of ads created by its experts and community members. Adguard also provides language and country-specific lists.

We have included all of the premium unlocked features as well as much more. So get the latest version of Adguard Premium MOD APK now.

Open Source and Custom Filters

Adguard Premium MOD APK gives you complete control over the filtering process, allowing you to select the best filters. All web pages you visit can be customized to remove ads or add/remove elements on-page.

It’s also open-source software, with the source code available on GitHub and other platforms. As a result, it provides complete transparency, and you can be confident that all required permissions are genuine.

Privacy Is Important

The Adguard premium unlocked apk places the highest priority on protecting your privacy and personal data. It has been developing privacy-protected ad-blocking tools for years and is used by millions of people every day.

It has also published a number of research papers revealing how many popular apps and websites steal your data via unwanted advertisements. As a result, it prevents those ads from appearing and your data from falling into the wrong hands.

You can save your time, battery, and data.

As you browse the web, advertisements consume a significant amount of your time, battery, and data. The majority of them are consumed by video advertisements. They take your attention away from your work and waste a lot of your time.

Lists of AdBlockers

Adguard Pro has over a dozen lists that include all of the sites added by its experts and community members. They can also be tailored to a specific country or language.

You can also show your support for your favorite creators by adding their websites to the whitelist so that other users are aware of them.

By blocking ads, I figured the final full mod apk saves a lot of time and battery life. Unwanted ads consume 10% of your battery and data. It ensures that the ad blocker does not function on your trusted websites.

Features of Adguard Premium APK

  • Premium/Paid features unlocked
  • Skip the tutorial when the startup
  • No patched watermarks
  • Full Multi Languages

Download Adguard Premium APK

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