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Call Recorder – Cube ACR v2.3.232


Call Recorder – Cube ACR Premium MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets is available for free download. In the most well-liked VOIP software, you may quickly record incoming and outgoing phone calls as well as discussions.

DeveloperCatalina Group
Size12.81 MB
License TypePremium Version

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Overview of Cube ACR Premium Apk

An application called Call Recorder – Cube ACR Premium was created to save all the files and files of phone calls you have made using your smartphone and to let you record such recordings whenever you wish. The facts that this tool automatically records everything you say on your mobile device when you speak to someone and adds a pop button automatically on the call screen to start recording are additional highlights and factors that appeal to many users of the software. Calling recording seems pleasant and lets you save memories, memorable moments with someone you love, or hidden recordings for significant tasks in life. However, you must exercise caution because in some nations, in order to record a call, both participants must consent.

With the most well-liked VOIP programs, Cube Call Recorder makes it simple to record incoming and outgoing phone calls as well as chats.

The development of science and technology has led to the emergence of an increasing number of intelligent applications that have a significant positive impact on our daily lives. When we make the necessary calls, we want to keep the call so we may check it for important details afterward. The most cutting-edge call recording app currently available is Cube ACR Premium. The app enables call recording for the majority of Android device versions and allows users to record VoIP and phone calls. Because of its special characteristics, this recording software is the most effective. I will describe this application’s functionality and best features in the article that follows.

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Features of Cube ACR Premium APK

You can use Cube ACR Premium, a straightforward, efficient, and lightweight program, to record phone calls on your smart smartphone. The majority of smartphone devices can quickly, effortlessly, and cost-free use this program. Additionally, the software will provide users with the option to automatically record everything or add a button to the call’s home screen so they can record more quickly. There will be many alternative ways to store and organize information files or files, including sorting by date, time, or file size. The app’s premium edition also offers the thrilling option to automatically save recordings to Dropbox or Google Drive. Users do not need to worry about being unusable because the recording is simple and quick to begin, and the call quality in the recording is the same as the original.


The Cube ACR Premium program is the most appropriate if you want to track calls and make sure you received information about them. The software gives you the choice to select one of the recording methods, including manual recording or automated recording. In addition, it will begin to function the next time your phone rings. By launching the app and choosing the desired call recording option, you can manually record calls. When you select the quick record option while the app is automatically recording, the recording will begin as soon as the next call rings. The compatibility of the app is also quite high. It is compatible with many mobile devices’ most recent audio features and saves the audio in a variety of formats for easier sharing. Your calls will be recorded by the app as high-quality audio files, which you can subsequently more quickly transfer to other devices.


When something goes wrong, Cube ACR enables you to immediately save calls to Google Drive and restore them. Additionally, calls are recorded in a variety of audio formats of varying quality, including the mp4 format and other higher-quality forms. The application contains a PIN as well to keep people from listening to your recordings out of curiosity. The software has a unique function called “shake to mark” that allows you to shake your phone while recording to highlight key passages in the conversation, making them simpler to locate once the call has been recorded. The application also makes very wise use of storage by automatically erasing outdated recordings without pausing or skipping them, as well as calls with brief recordings. To further minimize unfavorable risks, the program will immediately stop sharing, playing, or erasing the recording after the discussion is ended. The most cutting-edge call recording program available, Cube ACR Premium, has enticing features for customers. Download the app to capture the tender words and moments shared with friends and family and preserve priceless memories.

Simple to use!

Make every call automatically recorded. Immediately after each talk begins, record it.
Automatically save a list of chosen contacts. Make a list of those with whom you want to record each conversation;
manual transcription. To just record specific conversations or portions of them, tap the record button while on a call;
In-app replay. For organizing your recordings, playing them, deleting them instantly, or exporting them to other services or devices, Cube ACR Premium offers an integrated file explorer;

Make sure it’s tuned for you!


different audio sources. To ensure better compatibility and quality when recording conversations on your device, choose the audio source;
Avoid brief calls. Don’t want to record quick conversations? Decide to ignore them in Cube Call Recorder;
basic controls Utilizing the straightforward and useful controls widget, you can easily manage your recording process.

Utilizes Tablets:

You may record conversations on Skype, Viber, and WhatsApp using Cube Call Recorder even if your smartphone doesn’t support cellular calls.

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