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every hero unlimited money

Every Hero 2.1 (Unlimited Money)


On mobile devices, one of the free games to play is Every Hero MOD APK Unlimited Money. To banish evil and bring about world peace, become a hero. With modern weapons, you can easily win if you increase your power.

NameEvery Hero
PublisherFeeling Game Company
FeaturesUnlimited Money
OSAndroid 6.0+
Get it onGoogle Play

Overview of Every Hero


Do you want a quick and easy action game? Fight against hundreds of foes? A massive boss battle? Then this game is for you. Every Hero’s gameplay is similar to that of many other action games available on the Google Play store.

You will become a hero, conquering the world and engaging in epic battles. To save the world, you will become a legend. Every Hero’s world is engulfed in darkness, with hordes of powerful monsters destroying everything as it passes. Do you despise? The monsters have turned your home inside out. Take up your weapons and fight the enemy to restore peace. Everyone will regard you as a new hero. Download the Every Hero APK to your device right now!

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Survival fight

Every Hero unlimited money mod apk tasks are very diverse, with each mission bringing many unexpected details. Players will pass through a gate filled with powerful enemies. Utilize power-ups to perform combo attacks on enemies. To win, you must defeat evil enemies and bosses.

Terrorist bosses such as fire dragons, giants, magicians, and demons can be found at each gate. After each victory, you will learn many moves, power-ups, special moves, items, and treasure boxes that will help you overcome challenges.

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Music and graphics

Every Hero is a game with fantastic 3D graphics created by Feeling Game Company, a developer known for popular titles such as Pluck It: hairs and emotions. With a colorful ceiling graphic style that is as vivid as it is in real life. You will have to admire the best graphic space so far when you see the characters and monsters are designed sharp for every detail.

Effects are essential in action games. Smooth moving effects take care of each Hero. Players will enjoy colorful moves, especially the attack effect. When you see those effects, you will no longer be bored.

After playing Every Hero, you will be impressed. Players will feel lost in the world of good versus evil thanks to the fun and dramatic music. There is only one lost one left here!

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Controlling is simple.

Every Hero is a rare action game with an intuitive and simple interface. You can interact with everything in the game with ease.

When the obtained items appear on the screen, you will find it easier to upgrade. Furthermore, moving the character in the game is quite simple; you can learn how to move the character and fight by going through the game’s tutorial.

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Features of Every Hero

APK Features

  • Unlimited Damage, ATK, HP
  • Unlimited Money
  • Get 1,000,000 gold every time you win
  • NO ADS

What’s new?

  • The new weapon is here!
  • Our new mascot Pinny has started its adventure, you may meet Pinny during your adventure.
  • New hero costumes are now available!
  • New arena season and rewards!
  • New seasonal global ranking rewards!
  • The new main chapter unlocked
  • And more!

Download Every Hero (Unlimited Money) for Android

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Every Hero 2.1 (Unlimited Money)

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