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How to Loot 1.1.30 (Unlimited Money)


How to Loot MOD APK is a well-known puzzle game today. The main character is a powerful hero who desires loot. However, things are not as simple as that. To collect valuable rewards and avoid danger, you must remove the trigger pins in each level.

NameHow to Loot – Hero Rescue
PublisherAzura Global
Size84 MB
FeaturesUnlimited Money
OSAndroid 6.0+
Get it onGoogle Play

Overview of How to Loot – Hero Rescue

How to Loot MOD is one of Azura Global’s intriguing Puzzle Games. Popular casual and puzzle games from Studio Azura Global include Brain Up, Hero Rescue 2, and Home Pin.

How to Loot has appeared in a number of intriguing commercials, and any gamer will enjoy the appealing gameplay. The game is approximately 80Mb in size and has received over 50 million official downloads from Google Play.

The main character is a brave knight who must face various situations in order to cross a dangerous threshold. There are hundreds of puzzles in the game, all of which are solved by removing the pins in the correct order.

Each pin causes a different action, and you must be careful to sequence the actions correctly.

The puzzle genre is well represented in the game. Every level is meticulously designed, and you must complete the missions in the correct order. Prepare to use your wits to defeat monsters, save the lovely Princess, and claim numerous fascinating treasures!

how to loot download mod game

The rules are simple and accessible to all.

Because the gameplay in How to Loot MOD is so simple, it is suitable for everyone. You must solve three elements in each level: treasure, adventurer, and bars.

To begin, players must carefully examine the map, the position of the bars, and the obstacles. Then you figure out how to strategically move the bars to avoid the onslaught of lava and water.

You must also keep the treasure safe from outside threats. However, as you progress through the levels, the difficulty increases, and you will face new challenges.

Common obstacles in the game include a floating block of lava that will burn your hero and a pile of seawater that will drown your hero. You even come across massive monsters such as legendary dragons. Prepare for challenging puzzles and exciting action sequences!

Have endless fun

How to Loot MOD allows players to have endless fun after a long day at work. The game has a simple plot, but it still takes you on an exciting adventure journey.

You will save the princess from the monsters and demonstrate your love and bravery. You must also collect the kingdom’s treasures in order to become the richest knight.

Of course, nothing is simple, and you must use your intelligence to destroy monsters in a variety of ways, including molten lava and poisonous gas. You can even set traps and entice them to collide….

There are numerous interesting game modes.

How to Loot not only has appealing gameplay but also four distinct game modes. Choose “Battle Mode” if you want to fight monsters indefinitely. Choose “Treasure Mode” if you want to be a wealthy knight without having to deal with traps or enemies.

In addition, if you enjoy the game of drawing wood and want to test your dexterity, select “Tower Mode.” Finally, “Box Mode” is an intriguing option in which you must push enemies into lava or spikes to win.

Find hundreds of extremely appealing challenges.

How to Loot MOD contains over 500 extremely appealing challenges and IQ assessment questions. As a result, there are no dull moments during the game. You can also start your journey by selecting your favorite knight skin.

The 2D image is of high quality, and the sound is lively. The cartoon art style and the detailed HD images will appeal to you. Overall, the game provides an excellent visual and audio experience!

Features of How to Loot – Hero Rescue

APK Features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited energy
  • NO ADS

What’s new?

  • There is a new useful update available. The next one is on its way!
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Better performance
  • We carefully read your review, so feel free to write about the features you enjoyed in the game and suggest changes.

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How to Loot 1.1.30 (Unlimited Money)

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