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Kuma Sushi Bar MOD APK 1.4 (Unlimited Money)

Kuma Sushi Bar MOD APK 1.4 (Unlimited Money)


Kuma Sushi Bar MOD APK is a free Android simulation game. As a manager in the game, players will be able to participate in tasks, upgrade and develop Sushi restaurants, and attract a large number of customers to eat.

NameKuma Sushi Bar
Size67.46 Mb
FeaturesUnlimited Money
OSAndroid 6.0+
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Overview of Kuma Sushi Bar

Kuma Sushi Bar (Quán Sushi Kuma) is a HyperBeard-powered offline simulation game with over 1 million players worldwide!

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Kuma Sushi Bar’s restaurant manager

You were born into a family that sells traditional Sushi in the game Kuma Sushi Bar. Traditional food businesses face numerous challenges, with many factors such as facilities, advertising, a lack of staff, unsanitary Sushi processing, and numerous other factors influencing the number of customers who visit restaurants. decreasing steadily

You don’t want your family’s Sushi shop to fail, do you? Begin your business in a novel way, such as by using TV advertising tricks, rebuilding and opening more restaurants, hiring more waiters, and learning new delicious recipes. The menu on the dining table expands. Keep in mind that the number of dishes is not as important as the quality of the food.

Kuma Sushi Bar provides numerous quests for players to complete.

Kuma Sushi Bar is one of the best restaurant and restaurant management simulation games available for mobile devices. Each level contains hundreds of tasks ranging from easy to difficult that players must complete in order to meet the game’s objectives. After completing the mission, you will be promoted, receive large bonuses, and be able to begin the next mission.

Kuma Sushi Bar’s quests are based on real-life events. That is, problems associated with traditional Sushi restaurants will be converted into appealing tasks. Cooking, repairing restaurants, dealing with customer problems, cleaning and decorating restaurants, and much more await players.

Kuma Sushi Bar, in particular, allows players to design their own gameplay based on their preferences. This is an excellent feature that is not available in all restaurant simulation games.

Recruit more volunteers

There will undoubtedly be many things that cannot be done if you are just starting out in a management role. Hire more helpers to ensure that everything runs smoothly. You can pick from a variety of grumpy but well-meaning animal companions, including:

  • Waiter: the person in charge of taking orders, transferring them to the kitchen department, and delivering the food to the guests.
  • Culinary staff: the person who prepares dishes based on the needs of the diners.
  • During the day, cleaning staff rearranges tables and chairs, cleans, pours excess drinking water, and handles garbage.
  • A repairman is someone who does maintenance, repair, and decoration work.
  • Employee Manager: the person in charge of supervising the working employees.
  • They assist you in managing the operation process and dealing with restaurant and customer issues. Make this restaurant or coffee shop your home and you will be much more relaxed when recruiting them!
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Restaurant repairs and upgrades

As with many other games in the same genre. Kuma Sushi Bar provides a restaurant upgrade system that includes repairing, decorating, and upgrading the house. There are many items for you to upgrade and purchase more of, such as tables and chairs, lanterns, windows, doors, floors, walls, brooms, fans, water bottles, bonsai, masks, paintings, refrigerators, televisions, and so on. Choose one of them to redecorate the house in order to make it more beautiful.

To purchase the items listed above, players must first unlock the interior building box with money earned throughout the game. Although this is a rather annoying feature, it also helps players avoid boredom when moving quickly through the level.

Graphics and audio

Although Kuma Sushi Bar is not a 3D simulation game, the game’s 2D graphics will not disappoint you. At the start of the game, you will admire the beauty of cute characters in a variety of costumes and appearances. Objects in the house are rendered in full color in an anime style. If you enjoy Japanese anime, this is an excellent game to try.

You will enjoy the gentle background music and special sound effects while playing at Kuma Sushi Bar.

Features of Kuma Sushi Bar

APK Features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gold
  • No ads

What’s new?

  • So much has changed! It’s time to get back into this delicious culinary world and enjoy all the new features!

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Kuma Sushi Bar MOD APK 1.4 (Unlimited Money)

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