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Nova Launcher Prime

Nova Launcher Prime v8.0.3


For Android smartphones and tablets, you may download the free Nova Launcher Prime MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK. It is the best launcher for contemporary Android, fully embracing Material Design.

DeveloperTeslaCoil Software
Size7.91 MB
License TypePrime Version

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Overview of Nova Launcher Prime Apk

This replaces the home screen and is strong, adaptable, and multifunctional. It adds cutting-edge technologies to improve your home screens while still being a fantastic, user-friendly option for everyone. If you want a cleaner, faster home launcher or if you want to entirely redesign your home screens, Nova is the solution.

Over time, the phone grows in importance as a human friend. It facilitates communication, amuses us, and can even benefit us in a variety of ways at work. Nova Launcher will assist your phone to become more individualized and fashionable if you begin to feel that the Android operating system’s default interface is dull and monotonous.

TeslaCoil offers a customized app called Nova Launcher. It functions similarly to the launcher on an Android phone and lets you change the appearance, themes, and organization of apps on the home screen. Although designers of Android smartphones are constantly working to enhance the appearance of the operating system, the style must be individual. Not many users are content with a single-user interface and design, so they turn to apps like Nova Launcher that enable them to customize Android phones to their liking.

About Features

  • Icon Themes: The Play Store offers a huge selection of icon themes for Nova Launcher.
  • Subgrid placement – Nova Launcher gives you far more flexibility than typical launchers, allowing you to snap icons or widgets halfway through the desktop grid cells.
  • Color adjustments for backdrops, drawer tabs, unread badges, folders, and labels
  • Customize Custom effects, Vertical or Horizontal scrolling, and Custom Tabs in the App Drawer
  • Enhanced Widget Drawer: It is considerably quicker to use with widgets grouped by app.
  • Never stray from your favorite page, endlessly navigate across the desktop or drawer.
  • Backup/Restore – Advanced launcher settings and desktop layout backups are also supported by this system.
  • Create several docks and scroll between them with a scrollable dock.
  • Place any widget, such as a 4×1 music player widget, in your dock.
  • Import Layout – Nova Launcher can import from the most widely used launchers, so you don’t have to start from zero when building your desktop. The one that came with your phone is also included.
  • Fast – Nova Launcher is highly tuned to run swiftly and silently, maintaining fluid animations and allowing you to use your phone as quickly as your fingers can move.

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Features of Nova Launcher Prime APK

  • By purchasing Nova Launcher Prime, you may get the following extras: Gestures – Open your preferred apps with a swipe, pinch, double tap, and more on the home screen.
  • Never miss a message with Unread Counts. Use the TeslaUnread plugin to display unread count badges for Hangouts, SMS, Gmail, and other services.
  • Create new tabs or folders in the app drawer with custom drawer groups.
  • Apps can be hidden to maintain a tidy app drawer.
  • Set customized actions for swiping on folders or app shortcuts with icon swipes.
  • Additional scroll effects, including throw, accordion, and wipe

Pick a theme that matches your style.

You may give your phone a completely new look by changing the theme. You can pick from hundreds of themes, including those for the universe, Christmas, cats, animals, love, and superheroes,… Themes totally alter the layout, color, and program icons in accordance with the style you select, changing more than just the wallpaper. Do not be reluctant to choose an appropriate topic for yourself.

Customize the application icons

In addition to the theme, the app icons are crucial for showcasing your style. There are thousands of unique icons in the app icon store of Nova Launcher. It is updated daily to reflect new and developing applications. You are aware that Google Play receives thousands of new app submissions each day. You can choose icons that go with your phone’s overall design. Alternatively, if you’re a stickler for detail, you can change each application’s icon.

night mode, low light

When using Nova Launcher, many users always hunt for the night mode feature. since we are all quite busy at work during the day. We can use our smartphones to amuse ourselves at night by watching movies, reading the news, and chatting with pals on social media. In order to safeguard our eyes, the phone’s night mode makes the light on the device softer. You can program Nova Launcher to switch into night mode at a predetermined time (7 or 8 pm).

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