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NovaTV v1.8.4b


For Android phones and tablets, you can download the NovaTV Adfree MOD Version Unlocked APK for free. On Android smartphones, you may view 1080p movies and TV episodes for nothing.

Size19.04 MB
License TypePremium Version

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Overview of NovaTV Apk

Watch free movies and TV shows on Android devices, Amazon Fire TV, Nvidia Shield, and more platforms. It is a tool for content search that is modular. It can identify and return the videos available on various sites by crawling the websites that host movies and television shows. For instance, NovaTV can use the Modules created by the wonderful community members to find whole seasons of Breaking Bad or Avengers: Endgame.

The popularity of viewing movies and TV series as a form of entertainment is on the rise right now. This promotes the growth of services. Software like NovaTV will provide you with the finest suggestion, so you don’t even need to open a browser and perform a manual search any longer when you want to watch something.

A program for watching movies and programs online is called NovaTV. Although it is available on the website novatv the app, you may also install the app by downloading the APK file.

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Features of NovaTV APK

  • Watchlist, collection, and watch history syncing with Trakt
  • High-Definition Content, including 1080p and 4K movie quality
  • Innovative design
  • Lightweight and gorgeous TV and phone designs
  • Real-debrid Assistance
  • With a Real-debrid account, locate stuff that is both quick and of good quality.
  • SeriesGuide Assistance
  • Utilize SeriesGuide to find and watch programs on NovaTV.

Find your preferred program
You can pass your free time by being entertained by thousands of shows, movies, and other programs on NovaTV. The application has provided categories that you can use to filter items at the top of the screen. Huge movie collections are organized by genre, including war, comedy, action, documentary, and talk shows. Additionally, there is pure content that is appropriate for groups of people under 12 years old, such as families and kids. You can type keywords into the search box to look for a specific program.

a lot of information to explore
According to information provided by the creator, NovaTV is a technology designed to gather media content from online sources. The program looks up movies, TV shows, and other content on related websites and then displays any videos that are stored there. Consequently, you can see a tonne of protected information for nothing.

The rate of content updates on NovaTV is likewise incredibly quick. Every day, you can visit the application’s main page for new material. In addition, the app delivers the most well-liked, trending, and recommended movies.

I also offered some fresh data in addition. Netflix no longer streams content from Disney+. Despite being a paid service, you cannot find the desired content. It’s sad that. An excellent substitute is NovaTV, which is also open-source.

superior quality
You must pay with other movie streaming applications if you want to watch high-quality movies. It is not, however, the only or best choice. The free NovaTV app provides excellent quality in Full HD, 2K, and 4K. The playback quality you want can be changed at any time. To watch movies smoothly, make sure your device’s screen has a decent enough resolution and a strong internet connection.

Streaming UI that is simple
The playback interface on NovaTV is likewise incredibly simple to use and intuitive. The system will provide comprehensive information on the program you have selected, including title, summary material, rating, year of release, runtime, teaser image, brief trailer, and directors.

The system will download information from NovaTV’s search results and present a video list of that content when you want to play. For your information, the streaming quality and speed of each video vary. Then you can pick a video that is appropriate.

Additionally, the play interface offers user-configurable options like playing in Chromecast mode, playing at a faster speed, rewind, and playing with subtitles.

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