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Remote Control for All TV

Remote Control for All TV v9.2


For Android smartphones and tablets, download for free the Remote Control for All TV Premium MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK. On phone models like the LG G2/G4/G5, Huawei Honor 7/8, Xiaomi Mi 4/ 5/ Redmi, etc., it employs built-in IR hardware. Peel uses WiFi to find and operate gadgets on phones lacking IR hardware, such as the Samsung S8 and S7.

DeveloperBackground Changer, Eraser & Booth Photo Editor
Size20.76 MB
License TypePremium Version

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Overview of Remote Control for All TV

What if your Android device could control your TV? If you want to turn your Android device into a universal TV control, try this great TV remote for all TV. The TV controller app and quick remote in this software can both connect to your smart TV through WiFi. This is one of the top TV remote apps in the Google Play store.

This is the top mobile remote for set-top boxes, digital remote controls, and TVs. This program comes with control for every set-top box and air conditioner in addition to the best television in the world. We are constantly attempting to add complete television.

Please send us an email with the model numbers of your LED TV and remote control if your brand is not mentioned or the remote application is not compatible with your set. Your LED TV and infrared remote control for the TV and air conditioner will be compatible with this application. It is an all-purpose TV remote.

How would you feel about a smartphone app that could operate the TV in your house?

Welcome to Remote Control for Every TV. It is obvious that this program is utilized to control all types of TV. Yes, all TVs, whether they are large or little, can be controlled. What enables a mobile app to perform such a miracle? You must be familiar with how Remote Control PREMIUM TV operates. I’ll let you look at it and decide for yourself that it is really useful and that you will need it in the future.

Use the TV to carry out all remote control functions. The smartphone’s screen has only a few straightforward buttons. They are even simpler to use than conventional controllers. merely a home this application. When you do not wish to look for your powers, it is necessary. For people who don’t want to get up from their couch and seek the remote, it is a great tool. Register the TV in the app that you want to operate. After a brief wait, take advantage of this wonderful tool.

Applications that support

  • TVs: Sony, Vizio, Toshiba, Samsung, LG, etc.
  • Cable/satellite boxes, such as those from Comcast, Dish, DirecTV, and DirectTV
  • Players for streaming media, such as Apple TV, Roku, Xbox, and Chromecast
  • Home appliances (heaters and air conditioners) from Samsung, LG, and others

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Features of this App

  • Controls to turn on, off, mute, and unmute
  • Buttons for channel digits
  • channel up-down control as well as volume up-down control
  • a menu button with controls for up, down, left, and right
  • Without an internet connection, an offline global remote control for the television
  • Offline Smart TV
  • Android mobile app for TV

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Download Remote Control for All TV Apk for Android

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