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SD Maid Pro for android

SD Maid – System Cleaning Tool v5.5.6


Download for free on Android phones and tablets the SD Maid – System Cleaning Tool Pro MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK. You can keep your gadget organized and neat with its assistance. It provides a range of programs and file management solutions.

Size8.31 MB
License TypePro Version

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Overview of SD Maid Pro Apk for Android

Your previously deleted Android apps may leave a trace. You perpetually produce logs, crash reports, and other data that you don’t want.

Utilizing this program makes it easier to navigate your device and delete these additional files and newly generated directories.

Your device will constantly produce unnecessary, redundant, or log files while in use. The system’s performance will decline and the available storage space will decrease if they are not cleaned. Your search has led you to SD Maid Pro, an efficient option. If you want these tasks to be completed more quickly and effectively, there is no other option, even if you can also do this with Avast Antivirus and CC.

More About SD Maid Pro for android

The powerful analyzer is possessed by SD Maid Pro. When you utilize this function, the system generates statistics about the used data, huge and unnecessary files, and garbage files. Soon after that, you can easily delete them to free up memory.

Due to the lack of genuine security in the analysis and search, this process is highly unsafe for other applications. You will have serious problems if you unintentionally remove a crucial file that is required to run a specific procedure or an application on the device. Instead, SD Maid Pro checks every type of file, looks for known places, and can frequently be removed, so that doesn’t happen. Additionally, advanced users have the option of building a custom filter to add files to the exception list or the list that needs to be cleaned.

Tables and records in the database may be automatically created while the device is being used. But if they aren’t removed, they can still be there, which greatly affects the device’s speed because it takes longer to run the query.

Thankfully, SD Maid Pro supports features that one of the most widely used system cleaners, CCleaner, does not. It safely cleans up without erasing your data by using the “VACUUM” SQL commands while producing blank pages.

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Features of this App

  • A complete file explorer allows you to browse your entire device and edit files.
  • Manage installed user and system apps and delete unnecessary files from your system
  • Find files that used to belong to applications that have been removed
  • Browse for files using their names, contents, or dates.
  • Get a thorough breakdown of the storage on your device.
  • Clean up your apps by removing unnecessary files.
  • No matter the name or location, find duplicate images, audio, or documents.
  • Schedule or use widgets to run tools automatically.

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