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uTorrent Pro v7.3.0


uTorrent Pro MOD APK is an ad-free torrent file that can be downloaded for Android devices and used to access all files for free.

Size34.3 MB
License TypePro Version

Overview of uTorrent Pro APK

Torrent Pro allows you to search for and download torrents directly to your Android device. It has received hundreds of thousands of downloads worldwide so far. It has ad-free, battery-saving, and auto-shutdown capabilities. It allows you to download all media content from anywhere in the world whenever you want.

It has a lovely, clean design that is simple to use, and all of the features are easily accessible. It does not have any annoying banner ads or battery savers, which suspend all app operations when the battery falls below a certain level. Furthermore, it does the same thing when all downloads are finished to protect your data.

You can save money on mobile data by enabling the Wi-Fi-only mode, which has no speed or file size limits. With integrated music and video libraries, you can easily access your media files. To save storage space, carefully select the files you want to download using a torrent. It includes built-in music and video players, allowing for a more enjoyable music and video streaming experience.

You can select your file download location on your internal storage or SD card as you begin the download. You can choose to download only torrents or files as well. All of the web pages you visit can be translated into a variety of languages. Core torrent engineers are constantly updating and improving their technology to ensure maximum performance.

It offers a wide range of licensed and free music content from its partners, including Moby and Public Enemy. You can download as many music files as you want and play them all at once by creating a playlist. It has a dark mode, allows you to watch while downloading, and has many other cool features. You will receive all unlocked features for free. So get the most recent version right now.

Download All File Types

It allows you to download all types of torrent files for free on your Android device. All popular media files, including music, video, and others, are available for download. It includes a battery saver and an auto-shutdown feature that suspends all operations when your phone’s battery level falls below a certain threshold and all downloads are finished.

You can choose which files to download to reduce the amount of storage space required. You have the option of selecting the file’s download location and folder. You can choose to download only torrents or files as well. Its partners, such as Moby and Public Enemy, provide free and licensed content such as music and videos. Multiple downloads can run in the background at the same time.

Music and video player built-in

It has in-built music and video player that can play all of your downloaded files. The music player includes professional features such as synced lyrics, shuffle, playlist, and repeat, while the video player includes lock screen options, customizable resolution, subtitles, and more. Furthermore, you can watch videos while downloading them.

It includes integrated music and video libraries, allowing you to easily access all of your media files.

Advanced User Interface

It provides you with an ad-free experience as well as advanced, user-friendly features. It has a simple and straightforward user interface. By enabling the WI-FI only mode, you can save your mobile data. Downloading files has no speed or size restrictions. When all downloads are complete, use the battery and data saver to close the app and pause downloads when the battery level is low.

It provides translations in a variety of languages, including English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian. Its technology is frequently updated by top core engineers to maximize performance. You can download multiple files at the same time and add them to a playlist. There is also a dark mode.

Features of uTorrent Pro APK

  • Paid Unlocked
  • Plus Unlocked
  • Premium Unlocked
  • Full Version
  • Ad Free

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