AdBlock Plus

This free add-on prevents malware, tracking, pop-up ads, and banners.


While you browse, the powerful ad blocker automatically improves page performance.


It provides a 60-day money-back guarantee, blocks intrusive ads and online tracking.

u Block Origin

This memory-friendly blocker is utilised by over 10 million users each month.


It's one of the most widely used ad blocker extensions for Safari and Google Chrome.


This ad blocker, which is a native content blocker for iOS and macOS, was featured in TechCrunch.

Opera Browser

This is a mobile and web browser that is quick and simple to use and has an integrated ad blocker.


This iOS tracking and ad blocker speeds up page loading by 4x and reduces data usage by 50%.


This open source Android ad blocker was taken down from Google Play.


This Firefox and Opera browser extension, which blocks snooping ads and invisible trackers, is totally free.