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Windows 11 Pro Lite

Windows 11 Pro Lite v22000.613


Windows 11 Professional Lite ISO Preactivated is available without charge. The Start menu and new user interface in Windows 11 resemble those first seen in Windows 10X. Prior to abandoning this effort in favor of Windows 11, Microsoft had been streamlining Windows for dual-screen devices.

The taskbar is where you’ll see the most noticeable changes visually. Here, Microsoft has cleaned up the tray area, added a new Start button, and centered the app icons.

License TypeFull Version
File size3.34 GB

Windows 11 Pro Lite Overview

  • the majority of bloatware apps
  • List of access controls
  • Flags for ActiveX Compatibility (Killbits)
  • Runtime for ActiveX Installer Service Agent
  • Router Service AllJoyn
  • Virtualization of applications (App-V)
  • Dedicated Access
  • ActiveX Flags for Auto-Rotation Manager Compatibility (Killbits)
  • Playback AutoEnrollment
  • Encryption for BitLocker Drives, BranchCache Client, and a barcode scanner
  • Temp and cache files
  • Manager of Content Delivery
  • Cloud Notifications CEIP
  • COM+ (Component Services) (Component Services) 32 bit data usage service and 32 bit computer management
  • Device Safety
  • System Lockdown (Embedded Experience)
  • Detecting and resolving issues
  • diagnostics for disc errors
  • eye control
  • FeedbackHub
  • GetHelp
  • IME for Internet Explorer
  • Themes with Simple Access in Embedded Mode
  • Simple Transfer
  • Fax with Face Recognition
  • Record History
  • Tactile disc
  • introductory animation
  • Protected Host
  • Devices with Hyper-V Hyper-V Guest Infrared
  • Launcher for iSCSI in Internet Explorer
  • Location Service Local Assistant Profile Service
  • Manual Map Control Setup Map Control
  • Natural Authentication for Microsoft Edge MultiPoint Connector
  • capturing NDIS packets NFS administrative tools
  • Archived Files
  • Display Keyboard
  • Parental restrictions for OneDrive Payments
  • Performance Evaluation of the People’s Telephone Service
  • 32 bit Point of Service Photo Viewer (POS)
  • photograph password
  • Print Control
  • Remote Assistance for Retail Demo Content
  • Desktop remotely
  • Distance Registry
  • Support for Rights Management
  • Sensors for Search App
  • Security Bureau
  • Send to Desktop and Mail
  • Sound recorder SolitaireCollection
  • Settings for shared modems (mdmgl*.inf)
  • Steps for Speech Recognition Using the Skype ORTC Smartcard Speech TTS API and Spell Checking Directory for Recorder Support
  • Storage Quality of Service Storage Spaces (Storage QoS)
  • audio recorder
  • Support section for Sync Center System Reset for Windows
  • Apple iPad
  • Text Service for Tables
  • Telephony
  • Telemetry Customer Advice (Get Started)
  • Support and codecs for TV tuners
  • Invoice Service
  • WebClient
  • Biometric Windows Service
  • Microsoft Recovery
  • WinPE for Windows To Go
  • Performance Recorder for Windows
  • Burning Disc Image in Windows
  • 32-bit version of Windows Firewall (management console)
  • Microsoft Mixed Reality
  • Windows Help documentation
  • Microsoft Reader (PDF)
  • Microsoft Mail
  • using Windows Media Player
  • Window System Evaluation Tool (WinSAT)
  • Web Experience Pack for Windows
  • Remote Windows Management (WS-Management)
  • Push Notifications for Windows (System)
  • Microsoft Defender
  • Web Experience Pack for Windows


  • added theme
  • Apps with dark modes are enabled
  • Activating the windows’ dark mode
  • No autoplay is active.
  • Notifications for balloons are deactivated.
  • Features for burning CDs are blocked.
  • The taskbar’s inhabitants are disabled.
  • Quick startup is permitted.
  • No more experimentation
  • Disabled location services
  • Cortana (all) is not functional
  • Feedback is not enabled for frequency
  • The picture viewer has been fixed.
  • UAC turned off
  • Allowing apps to open, use, and continue experiences is disabled.
  • User advertising ID usage for apps is disabled.
  • If deactivated, let Microsoft offer more individualised experiences.
  • Windows is not allowed to track my activity on this computer.
  • Allow Windows to monitor newly-launched apps to enhance start-up and search performance.
  • I can’t send Microsoft information about my writing habits to assist us get better at typing.
  • Shared experiences limit us.
  • The Bing online results are not available.
  • Shell bags cannot be used.
  • Get pointers and advice while you utilise windows disabled.
  • Disable Allow Apps Access (all)
  • The promoted programme cannot be installed automatically.
  • It is not possible to connect to hotspots automatically.
  • Allowing apps to open, use, and continue experiences is disabled.
  • Get pointers and advice while you utilise windows disabled.
  • the disabled Meet taskbar widget
  • Disabled news and interests
  • Quiet hours are not functional.
  • Windows does not allow Timeline to record my computer’s actions.
  • Telemetry is not active
  • Additional adjustments have been made to improve performance.


  • God Mode was introduced to the desktop context menu.
  • Safe mode was introduced to the context menu, where you can change your themes.
  • Personalize was also Added PowerShell to Context Menu Run this command window as administrator Addition of Computer Management to the Desktop Context Menu Control Panel has been added to the desktop context menu.
  • Windows Tools have been added to the desktop context menu.
  • Addition of Take Ownership to the context menu System Tools have been added to the desktop context menu.
  • The desktop context menu now includes App Mode.
  • Display options have been added to the desktop context menu.
  • Context menu option added for Choose Power Plan to Desktop Included is the Compact OS Desktop Context Menu Kill any tasks that aren’t responding to the context menu additions.
  • Context menu for empty recycle bin added SFC/SCANNOW context menu for shutdown to desktop added Included is the Windows Tools Context Menu Windows Mode has been introduced to the desktop context menu.
  • Addition of Grant Admin Full Control Win+X Desktop Classic Menu

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